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It is the first robot of SoiiZen Art Lab. We try to build a robot by ourselves. In this project, there are two technical innovations. The first is to create a video flower with multiple circumferential angles. The second is to experiment the movement controlled by using an I/O board with Processing, Java language.

In the first place, we control the camera shooting position according to the flower basket. The behavior is when participant move the flower basket around four web cameras which install on the side of robot, the web cameras will follow the position of flower basket and take the video. Then, the monitor of the robot shows a flower with multiple circumferential angles composed by video.?

We showed the immovable Robot Flowerman on June, 2007 in SLY Art Space, Taipei. After the exhibition, we continue to make the robot moveable. The project of Flowerman is proceeding as planned. We will finish the project by December.

Yu-Chuan Tseng & Soiizen Art Lab, Teipei, Taiwan





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