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Round 3 – Commemorative Exhibition of Sheng-Po Shen

Round 3 – Commemorative Exhibition of Sheng-Po Shen

Date: 2016/01/09~2016/01/31

Venue : Digital Art Center, Taipei

Round 3 – Commemorative Exhibition of Sheng-Po Shen

“I think I am really satisfied with what happened in my life! I met a lot of kind people and had good things and stories with them. So I do really hope that I am a nice person in their minds too. I really enjoy doing nice things to people I met… many .many nice things..This is my autobiography and I want to share this feeling! Thank you!”
Quoted from Sheng-Po Shen (2009).

Round 3- Commemorative Exhibition of Sheng-Po Shen, an exhibition organized by a bunch of close friends of Sheng-Po Shen in memory of him. His death brought the friends great sorrow, and undoubtedly, a tremendous loss of the digital art field. Sheng-Po Shen, was seen as a rising star in the field. What he left behind to us, are not only the great works, but the diligence spirit and the dedication to the Open Source and Floss Art (make art with Free/Libre Open Source Software).

Sheng-Po Shen, was seen as a rising star in the field with the work- “There was a tree” (2008). He is a diligent artist and created many outstanding works in his last decade of his life. “Pin Shadow” was one of the finalists of the 7th Taipei Digital Art Award, and was an invited work in the exhibition of “Wonder of Fantasy”. It’s truly an honor and huge recognition to his achievement.

Sheng-Po Shen’s works are featured with human temperament, which hardly appears with engineering background. In an unique logical and rational style, he interprets a new idea of athletics of programming. Bense (1971) claims that “… Generative aesthetics is analogous to generative grammar, in so far as it helps to formulate the principles of a grammatical schema–realizations of an aesthetic structure.” Generative aesthetics is a reconstruction process of mathematics configurations and mathematical distribution of status of aesthetics. In this process, Sheng-Po’s work includes programming, mathematical distribution, ordering construction, and random incidents. These items all share the feature of generative process. Sheng-Po successfully represents a clear and well-organized coding program by logical and methodized reconstructing the orders and results of arbitrary and real objects. This concept occurs majorly in his works, and he adapts generative aesthetics as the essence of his works. But, the elements in his works including shape, form and installation always carry symbolic meanings as a metaphor of life. Point, line, surface that he used, the correlation between abstract and concrete elements that he reinterpreted, he incorporated these features and generated a whole new style of visual interface of highly organized structure.

Shen-Po Shen’s works are featured with the hard edge, colorless images, focusing on the software and programming reading while interpreting new idea of athletics of programming. Sheng-Po constructed unique style by combining extreme logical thought from engineering background and sentimental personality as an artist. Although it seems the “Round 2” (2011) ended with his passing away, his “Round 3” is about to start.

第三回合 ─ 沈聖博紀念展


《第三回合 ─ 沈聖博紀念展》是沈聖博的好朋友們一起籌畫的展覽。其離世,不僅帶給家人與好朋友們無限的哀痛,對於台灣數位藝術圈,亦是一大損失,年輕的生命如彗星般,迸發出絢麗的光芒。他留給我們的,不僅是優秀的作品,更是對於台灣推動開源軟體(Open Source)、Floss Art (make art with Free/Libre Open Source Software)的貢獻與精神。

以2008年《曾經有一顆樹》為起點至2014年離世,沈聖博短暫的10年創作生涯,創造了多件代表性作品。2012年《pin shadow》入圍第七屆台北數位藝術獎,並受邀參展「奇幻視界 – 2014國際科技藝術展」於國立臺灣美術館,是台灣數位藝術對其成就的肯定。

沈聖博的作品中流露出一種科技人的人文氣質,以數理邏輯重新詮釋數位藝術創作的美學思維,是台灣當代數位藝術創作者,甚少觸及的美學態度。Bense(1971)認為衍生美學是透過數學構成與數學描述所處理的美學狀態之整體過程,聖博的作品涵蓋了程式語法、數學描述、程序結構與隨機偶發,創造了衍生過程,並在此過程中,呈現了清晰的、具條理指示的編碼程序,並透過有組織與邏輯的指示,將虛實物件的組合變化產生結果與程序。此概念將軟體視為數位藝術創作中的主體,其核心價值是來自於「數學」所構成的科技美學,此亦是Bense衍生美學(generative aesthetics)的精神。然而,另一方面,在程式編碼中,作品中所使用的元素、造型、裝置呈現,卻是攜帶觀念意義、具隱喻的象徵物。他使用構成世界的點、線、面的基本元素,玩弄虛實元素的相互關係,並以程式符號將點、線、面重新組構為具邏輯的程式運算,進而產生具結構性的視覺介面。



Sheng-Po Shen (1980-2014). Majored in the Computer Science, especially focused on the Distributed System. Also went to the University of Salford in Manchester, UK to study the Tech-Art related program (Creative Technology, 2006~2007), now keep on creating digital art works, attending union exhibitions and holding solo exhibitions (2008~), The main idea of art works deals with the characteristics of the rules in digital domain and its’ relationship with life. As a member of Openlab.Taipei, he promoted to use Free/Libre Open Source Software to make art (a.k.a. FLOSS+ART). He had a lot of experience of teaching in workshops and school programs. He had a Act!on studio space in Taichung which providing artists an experimental exhibition space.
Sheng-Po Shen thinks the life itself is a kind of art, and many activities between people are the elements of life, that is the basic prototype of interaction, there must be at least one interactive media between us to connect you and me. Hence, I like to observe and find out the invisible connection between us, and present it through my art pieces.



Round 3 – Commemorative Exhibition of Sheng-Po Shen

Round 3 – Commemorative Exhibition of Sheng-Po Shen

Round 3 – Commemorative Exhibition of Sheng-Po Shen

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