What is Your Scent Today?

Artist: Yu-Chuan Tseng, Hao-Chiang Lin

Year: 2018
Program by Sheng-Po Shen, Yi-Ching Huang, Chia-Chun Chang
Cooperation with LFP Laboratory of Fragrance

“What is Your Scent Today?” is the piece of the series works “Jane”, the continuation of “Digital Portraits-Jane ” and “Jane’ Diary”, revolves around the theme of smell. In this piece, a discussion of how emotions are evoked from scent is conducted before proceeding to analyze the transformation of scent in a physical space. In the digital era of rapid communication and information flow especially on social media, massive amounts of data which contain many emotional cues are created. These texts on the internet serve as a source for exploring and analyzing human sentiments, which in turn help researchers to better understand the public’s opinions and emotions.

What is Your Scent Today? , , is an analysis of texts of “Jane’ Diary”. The texts are generated from a computer program that will automatically conduct a daily search of the name Jane at a fixed-time, on Twitter. It will collect, edit and recreate the texts into an English diary. The English diary automatically be translated into a Chinese diary through a translation software. Both diaries will be printed out to be displayed.

A diary is a personal record of feelings of the day and expresses one’s private emotions. However, social media has transformed these writings into something that is being displayed and read by the public. Through affective computing, emotions are interpreted and analyzed from daily texts gathered from the twitter accounts; and a scent that corresponds to the mood of the day is created. An emotion may correspond to a romantic scent. However, after the emotions are interpreted by the algorithm and the generated scent is released into the physical space, will it still be a romantic scent? In any case, the scent could become a weapon occupying the space, expanding its quadrant. Just like today’s ubiquitous social media, it becomes a part of our daily life, something that is almost impossible to abandon.

Program plan:

  1. Conduct a daily search through Twitter account and download texts
  2. Based on the emotional dictionary and the fragrance database, the emotional keyword set and the aroma keyword set are trained through supervised machine learning.
  3. Then through the emotional computing classifier, the emotions are divided into six categories: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise.
  4. The scent is divided into four categories: FRESH, FLORAL, ORIENTAL, WOODY.
  5. There are 31 bottles of perfume produced according to the emotional and aroma ratio with the assistance of Laboratory of Fragrance and Perfume (LFP).
  6. Repeat for 31 days and create a 30-day scent bottle on Aug. 2019
  7. During the exhibition, the audience is invited to choice and mix the fragrances of Jane to create their scent of today.
What is Your Scent Today?
What is Your Scent Today?
What is Your Scent Today?
What is Your Scent Today?
What is Your Scent Today?
What is Your Scent Today?


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