Yu-Chuang Tseng

Digital + interactive + Art

My name is Jane

《My name is Jane 我是珍 2018/1/1-2020/1/29》

2020, computer generated images, digital prints, digital voice

images, 5x5cm, 730 pieces

Program by Sheng-Po Shen, Yi-Ching Huang 沈聖博、黃怡靜

It is an environment with 750 portraits and repeated voices. The 750 portraits dated from January 1 2018-January 29, 2020. 以2018/1/1-2020/1/29的肖像,與重複覆誦的聲音,創造出「Jane」無所不在的空間。

Digital Portraits series– Jane

The work was created by computer generated program. The program searches the photos with the tag “Jane” on the internet and creates portraits automatically every day. The original idea of portrait is the evidence of existence. When the portraits are created by program, the portraits of Jane become a flowing, variable and changeable. The portraits don’t not present I but a synthesized Jane.

個人原有的肖像,見證了曾出現於世界的真實,由網路的此端傳輸到世界的彼端,透過數位編碼,讓個人的真實存在以訊號重組,個人在訊號流動之中,失去了存在的唯一性,被解碼與重新編碼成為0與1,在與眾生重組的過程中換成另一個不同面貌重新存在,成為在場又不在場的他者。作品以英文名字Jane為主角,程式自動於 Flickr搜尋Jane的照片,並以臉部辨識系統抓取出相片中的臉部,構成一組無法辨識、模糊不清的肖像。


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