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Metabody in Kinesphere

“Flowing Room No2” in 「Metabody in Kinesphere 動勢身形」

“Metabody in Kinesphere”


Gallery 203-205 of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts 國立臺灣美術館203-205展覽室

Curator: HUANG Derrick 策展人:黃盟欽 

“Metabody in Kinesphere” explores the development and technical expressions of media art and the interdisciplinary contemplations on body/material, machine/technology, and environment/epoch through technological mediums. Amid this atmosphere of innovation and awareness, artists contemplate and interpret visual and bodily sensations as multilayered symbols and expressions, transforming the body into different forms and transcending the underlying will of the physical body. As technology continues to construct or redefine, contemporary art integrates digital mediums and technological creations to showcase a variety of effects between the real and the virtual which are further channeled through the internet, artificial intelligence, data operation, and media transmission. Paired with technological hardware and software, perhaps these works surpass traditional compositions of a priori sequences and can be viewed as mutual interventions between the body and technological interfaces? Or, as the body engages in interactions with the works, maybe they initiate empathy that allows further understanding of the creative attempts of contemporary artists?

「Metabody in Kinesphere 動勢身形」由科技媒介切入探討媒體藝術發展趨勢與技術表現形式,作為身體/物質、機器/技術、環境/時代所呈現的跨領域創作思維。在如此的創新氛圍與動能覺察之中,藝術家透過科技介面思索視覺知覺與身體感知,轉譯成為多層次的語境符碼,無形中將身體幻化成多重樣貌,超越身體肉身下的潛能意志。隨著科技發展持續建構亦或重新定義,經由此趨勢觀察下,當代藝術創作過程技術融合數位媒介與科技創造,展現出多樣性的虛實整合效果,藉由通訊網路、AI 人工智能、數據運算與媒介傳輸,融合科技軟硬體裝置設備發揮效應,不但超越傳統構成的先驗排序,如此的媒介效應下是否可被視為身體與科技介面間的相互介入行為模式?亦或在身體與作品的互動過程,能否啟動彼此心智間的共感意識,理解當代藝術家所欲傳達的創作意圖?


Flowing Room No2 流動的房間

Computer-generated image, installation, Giclée Print, 電腦衍生影像與文字、空間裝置、藝術微噴

Flowing Room 流動的房間 No2
Flowing Room 流動的房間 No2

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