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Always on -Net Art Exhibition上線中-網路藝術展

  • Date:2023 /07 /14()-9/10()
  • Curator:曾鈺涓Yu-Chuan Tseng
  • Place:新竹241藝術空間,HsinChu 241 Art Space
  • Artists:王伯宇Wang, PoYu、江振維Chiang, Chenwei、吳柏瑤Wu, Po-Yao、吳宜曄Wu, I-Yeh、吳玶萭Wu, Pin-Yu、林暐智Lin, Wei-Chih+翁哲川 Weng, Che-Chuan+汪紹綱Gang, Wang Shao 、洪揚Hong Yang+姚怡均Yao, Yi-Chun+林妤庭Lin, Yu-Ting+卓宜璇Cho, I-Hsuan+馮介怡Feng, Jie-Yi、陶亞倫Tao,Ya-Lun、陳依純Chen, I-Chun、鄭先喻Cheng, HsienYu 、賴彥勳Lai, Yen Hsun、謝佩庭Hsieh, Pei-Ting。(依姓氏筆畫排列)

策展論述Curatorial Statement

“Being Online” is everyone’s daily life and a state of being. Through fast and instant internet communication technology, people use mobile smart devices as their gateway to online life. This constant connectivity blurs the lines between work and non-work, allowing for seamless multitasking and the storage of people’s life experiences and emotional information. It creates a sense of efficiency and happiness.

In the realm of telecommunications and artificial intelligence, we enjoy services provided by technology. We voluntarily upload images and experiences from our daily lives, indulging in the voyeuristic pleasure of observing others’ daily routines. We willingly accept the terms and conditions, relinquishing our privacy rights. Within the ever-expanding realm of powerful artificial intelligence systems, we submit to increasing levels of surveillance, surrendering our autonomy as humans and succumbing to algorithmic manipulation. We gradually become tamed and monitored by the “technological social engineering,” evolving into “objects” in both the virtual and real worlds.

This exhibition invites 12 groups of artists with 15 works under four main themes: “Digital Manipulation,” “Message Specters,” “Simulated Existence,” and “Returning to Reality.” It aims to awaken viewers to the concealed manipulations of a transparent, unobstructed surveillance society. It encourages reflection on the ethics of behavioral technology and the regaining of rational and careful decision-making abilities. It raises awareness of the existence of covert online manipulation.

“Digital Manipulation”

Starting from entering a state of surveillance, viewers are invited to become monitored objects. Through surveillance systems, they experience the pleasure of voyeurism. People engage in collaboration and negotiation between watching and being watched, becoming accomplices in the digital capitalism.

“Message Specters”

As people willingly hand over their information to information capitalism, they also become “raw materials” in big data analysis and marketing operations, transforming into digital entities devoid of individual identity, frozen in the virtual space.

“Simulated Existence”

Digital information becomes datasets, serving as the foundation for technologies like artificial intelligence image manipulation, deepfake technology, text generation by AI, and AI-generated images. Fictitious content loses meaning, surviving only for its display value, ultimately facing insignificance and demise.

“Returning to Reality”

As we grow increasingly accustomed to widespread and extensive surveillance, we should reconsider the impact of “technological social engineering” on our thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. We must contemplate our online state, acknowledge and confront the truth of these concealed manipulations. (Translated by Chat GPT)










「回返真實」 當我們卻越來越習慣於接受規模和範圍不斷擴大的監視,也應該重新思考“技術社會工程”,如何影響我們的思考、感知和行為方式,思考自己在網路中的狀態,認知並面對此種隱蔽性的操縱詭計的真相。

陶亞倫 Tao,Ya-Lun
徘徊的幽靈No.1 (Wandering Ghost No.1)
陶亞倫 Tao,Ya-Lun 徘徊的幽靈No.1 (Wandering Ghost No.1)
賴彥勳 Lai Yen Hsun
CCTV:Surveillance Success
賴彥勳 Lai Yen Hsun CCTV:Surveillance Success
王伯宇 Wang PoYu 雲云
王伯宇 Wang PoYu 雲云
吳柏瑤 Wu,Po-Yao
吳柏瑤 Wu,Po-Yao 被使用條款

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