About Me

Yu-Chuan Tseng 曾鈺涓

email: t.yuchuan(a)gmail.com

A digital artist, curator and scholar, Tseng Yu-Chuan obtained her PhD from the Graduate Institute of Applied Art, National Chiao Tung University. She is currently the professor at the Graduate Institute of Art and Technology, National Tsing Hua University. She also as the chairperson of the Taiwan Information Design, Art, Technology, Education Association; vise chairperson of the Taiwan Art & Technology Association; honorary chairperson of the Taiwan Women’s Art Association; and director of the board of Digital Art Foundation.

Tseng began to create digital artworks in 1998 and started the Net Art project in 2002. Her works focus on the existence of human in the digital age. She has curated many exhibitions, held solo exhibitions, and was invited to participate the group exhibitions in important art museums, art centers and galleries in Taiwan and abroad. In 2003, she held a solo exhibition “Let’s Make Art” at the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts. This was the first ever exhibition in Taiwan to employ instantaneous web-based interaction. The recent group exhibitions are: “My name is Jane” (2021) in Good underground art space, Hualien City;  “Here, Not Here” (2020) in Waley art, Taipei. The recent group exhibitions are “We/Women from Prehistory to HERstory”(2022) in National Museum of Prehistory, Taiwan; “Metabody in kinesphere” (2022)in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, “Fission-The New Wave of International Digital Art” (2022)in Guizhou Provincial Museum China; “Ars Electronica 2021 Garden Hong Kong- Art In The Cloud”(2021)in Osage Gallery ; YOU ARE ME- Mapping new Geographies” (2020) in Hsinchu City Art Gallery. “Chimera-group exhibition of Taiwanese new media art “ (2019) in off-spaces of DOX, Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic; “Urban Tribes I-Urban Caravan” (2019)in TAAC Tribeca/ E.Tay/R Gallery. Her research interest lies in digital art and net art. The articles were published in domestic and international journals and conferences, such as Leonardo, ACM Multimedia, International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), etc. In 2012, she participated in the Leonardo Digital Art Initiative. Her curation themes focus on gender and digital art. The selected curatorial projects in Taiwan include Lost in the Net Dream (2018), Immortal on Screen (2019), the 2022 Taiwan International Light Festival – The Play and Playing- Light and Shadow, Mediating Asia (2022) presented at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung. Cyberhug (2018) and Autumn Glitter, Pond Water, Dancing down memory lane” (2021) curated for theTaoyuan Art x Technology Art Festival. Should We Play? (2018), “It is SHOW Time”(2019), Light ON/OFF(2020) in Taipei Art District Festival. Her selected international curatorial projects include Being here as ME -New Media Art Exhibition of Women Artists From Taiwan (2019) in American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center Washington, DC., Chimera-group exhibition of Taiwanese new media art (2019) in off-spaces of DOX, Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic, Chimera-group exhibition of Taiwanese new media art (2020) at Ladislav Sutnar Gallery, Czech Republic, She Says, Her Story (2021) at International Arts & Artists building, IA&A at Hillyer, Washington DC.


1998年開始從事數位藝術創作,2002開始網路藝術創作,思考數位時代中「人」的存在狀態。多次策畫展覽,舉辦個展,受邀參展於國內外重要美術館、藝術中心與畫廊。2003年台北市立美術館《Let’s Make ART》個展,是台灣第一個於美術館所進行網路及時互動創作。最近重要個展有2021「My name is Jane」於好地下藝術空間、2020「在,也不在」於台北水谷藝術。近期重要聯展有:2022 《我們/Women的歷史之前與之後》於國立臺灣史前文化博物館、《裂變-數字藝術的全球化浪潮》於中國贵州省博物馆、《2022藝術跨域策展案—動勢身形》於國立台灣美術館、2021《Ars Electronica 2021 Garden Hong Kong- Art In The Cloud》,2020〈捉遊/戲場〉於國立台灣美術館、《YOU ARE ME─共譜新地域》於新竹美術館,2019 〈奇米拉〉-台灣數位藝術聯展於捷克布拉格off-spaces of DOX, Center for Contemporary Art;紐約「都會部落Urban Tribes」於NYFA紐約藝術紐約基金會、TAAC Tribeca Art Space/R畫廊與El Taller 藝術中心.

其研究方向為數位藝術與網路藝術,文章發表於國內外期刊與國際性研討會,如Leonardo國際期刊、ACM Multimedia、國際電子藝術研討會(ISEA)等。2012參與Leonardo國際期刊之國際數位藝術白皮書撰寫計畫。策展主題以女性藝術與數位藝術為主。重要台灣策展項目:遺落在網夢裡〉(2018)、〈螢幕不滅〉(2019) 、〈光‧舞弄‧影—2022臺灣國際光影藝術節〉(2022) 、〈科技斡旋.亞洲觀點〉(2022)於國立台灣美術館;〈Should We Play?〉(2018)、〈It’s SHOW Time〉(2019)、〈Light ON/OFF〉(2020)於台北大內藝術特區;重要國際策展項目為〈以【我】存有-台灣新媒體女性藝術家聯展〉於美國華府美利堅大學美術館、;〈奇米拉〉-台灣數位藝術聯展於捷克布拉格off-spaces of DOX, Center for Contemporary Art。2021〈She Says, Her Story〉International Arts & Artists building, IA&A at Hillyer美國華府。