Digital Portraits-Jane 2018

Art by  Tseng, Yu-Chuan

Program by Shen, Sheng-Po,Huang, Yi-Ching
Material : Computer generated images, Photo print,
Size:10.2*10.2 cm *365 pieces

When I was a child, on the first day of the English tutoring class, the teacher gave me an English name: Jane. Since then, this name seems to represent “I” and has become a symbol of my entering Western society. However, I can never find me when I search for Jane in google. I, as Jane, don’t exist in the digital world. Digital Portraits-Jane, 2018 was created a by computer program. The program searches photos with the tag “Jane” on the internet and creates portraits automatically every day. The original idea of portrait is the evidence of existence. When the portraits are created by program, the portraits of Jane become flowing, variable and changeable. The portraits don’t present me but a synthesized Jane.

Title: Flowing Portraits of Jane on 2018

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