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Urban Tribes I-Urban Caravan

Urban Tribes I-Urban Caravan

2019  Urban Tribes I-Urban Caravan

Place: TAAC Tribeca/ E.Tay/R Gallery , 39 White Street, NYC

Date: 2019-2020

Urban Caravan
The phenomenon of migrants forming an international cross-cultural “urban tribe” is one of the urgent topics in the 21st century. Analyzed historically in the context of the planet and symbiosis, this involves the survival of human beings and maintenance of balance among various living things. The discourse thus moves to valuing human nature, preservation of multiple cultures, the environment, and the new multi-faceted unity. Potential political, economic, and cultural crises can only be averted by an emphasis on the diversity of life that promotes interactive relationships.

Curatorial team:

Chief Curator: Luchia Meihua Lee, Executive Director, TAAC

Co-curators: Jennifer Pliego, Director of Special Programs and Head of the House of Art, El Taller Latino Americano, NYC

Sarah Walko, Curator, Director of Education & Community Engagement, Visual Art Center of New Jersey

2019  Urban Caravan Participating artists:

Miya Ando, Steven Balogh , Yutien Chang (張郁田), Ching Yao Chen (陳擎耀), Cheng, Jen Pei (程仁珮),  Andrea Coronil, Felipe Galindo , Chemin Hsiao (蕭喆旻),  Mingjer Kuo (郭明哲), Pey-Chwen Lin (林珮淳), Lo, Yi-Chun (羅懿君), Lulu Meng (孟祥璐),  Kelly Tsai & Ryan Hartley Smith,Yu-chuan Tseng (曾鈺娟), Pei Shih Tu (杜佩詩)

150-page color catalogue with essays by Luchia Meihua Lee, Dr. Alessandra Wang, Dr. Peychwen Lin, Jennifer Pliego, Alexandra Chang, Sarah Walko, John Ensor Parker


Digital Portraits-Jane, 2018, Computer- generated images, Photo print, 4 x 4 inches, 365 pieces

Program by Sheng-Po Shen, Yi-Ching Huang

Digital portrait-Jane 2018

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