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Rose Heart

Rose Heart

Art by Yu-Chuan Tseng

Date: 2018
Material: Rose, Flower juice, Heart shaped glass bowl, light box

Rose is the metaphor of female genitalia.
Rose is the code of young and dream.
Rose, changed by tears which Venus dedicated to the dead lover Adonis, is the symbol of love.
Rose is the blood of Christ and martyrs.
Rose is the Sacred Prayer dedicated to the Virgin Mary .
That day, the youth and dreams were being plundered and lost.
The Rose juice as red as blood, gloomy mildew in the sun day after day.
No longer young, no dream, until dry.

Rose Heart
Rose Heart, photo by Weizi
Rose Heart
Rose Heart photo by Weizi

The rose memory series choice “roses” as subject to explore the restricted feeling and self-awareness by the symbols “Love and Rose” in the growing up. 此系列作品選擇以「玫瑰」為題,探討成長過程中,被符號所制約的自我覺察。

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